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Welcome to Mother Clucker Foods, Chiliheads!


Our Story:


Denny and I started Mother Clucker Foods when Denny was being treated with Stage Four Head and Neck Cancer. Two days before we received his diagnosis, I was laid off from my job of fifteen years. What were we going to do?


We had just been married on December 1st, 2018, moved into our home that we had just built December 21st, four months later we were faced with Stage Four Cancer. We were told that Denny had about two months to live. We put our home up for sale, packed nine small boxes and went back to his hometown of Pittsburgh to the best Cancer treatment center we knew of, The Hillman Cancer Institute.


Thank God to a wonderful Team of Doctors at the Hillman Cancer Institute in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania, after being treated with seven straight weeks of radiation and chemotherapy, Denny is now Cancer free. Not knowing if Denny would be able to return to driving Chemical Tankers from the continued dizziness due to his treatment and me needing to be by his side, Mother Clucker Foods was born.


Diesel is our Blue Great Dane, he was Denny’s Valentine gift to help heal his mind, heart, spirit and soul during this rough time of recovery. I tell you there is no better medicine God put on this earth then the love of a dog. Diesel is in training to be a therapy dog. He will be visiting patients at Cancer Treatment Centers in our state of Arizona. He will be putting smiles on their faces, love in their hearts and brightening their days just like the dogs that visited Denny when he was in the Hospital.


We have always loved Hot Sauce and enjoy creating fun new ways of using it and sharing it with our friends and loved ones. Starting this business was a great way to distract both Denny and I from what we were going through at the time. Just saying the name and tag line would make us smile and giggle.


Mother Clucker Foods, Hot Sauce, BBQ Sauce, Condiments, Award winning Chili mix, Seasonings and Dip mixes will bring unique flavors to your table. So, Don’t Be A Chicken Mother Clucker! Get ready to take your Taste Buds on an unforgettable Journey.


Remember to always be kind to one another and say "I love you" as life can turn in one single second.


Denny, Tina & Diesel