Garlic Serrano Guacamole

Mother Clucker Garlic Serrano Guacamole



.1½ tbsp finely chopped yellow onion

. 1-2 tbsp Mother Clucker Garlic Serrano hot sauce (we like 2 tbsp)

. ½ tsp sea salt

. 2 tbsp roughly chopped cilantro leaves

. 2 tbsp grape tomatoes chopped

. 2 medium ripe avocados 

. fresh lemon juice (¼ - ½ lemon)



  1. Place onion, Mother Clucker hot sauce, sea salt, cilantro and tomato in a bowl and mash until you see the juices form.

  2. Add the avocado and lemon juice, with a fork mash the avocados and sir to desired consistency.

  3. Serve with tortilla chips. 


This is a mild Guacamole with great flavor. If you want to spice it up even more, you can use any Mother Clucker Hot Sauce in place of the Garlic Serrano. Try Our Mother Clucker Green Habanero, 1 tbsp and go from there.


Don’t Be A Chicken Mother Clucker!

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